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15 Reasons

15 Reasons why you should hate the president


1. He cut a half a BILLION dollars from the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget. Who needs to look after the environment when there’s all that oil drilling going on?

2. He approved a bill that denies financial aid to students convicted of misdemeanor drug charges (though convicted murderers are still eligible for financial aid).

3. He recently sent a delegation to the UN children’s summit to declare that the use of condoms is not a valid way to fight AIDS and that abstinence is the only solution. This is the view shared by some other countries such as Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria, and the Vatican. It seems that his policy of, "No child shall be left behind" has a whole new meaning.

4. He wouldn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol agreement on global warming, which was ultimately signed by 178 other countries. He also told the entire European community that he would listen to their arguments, but he would not change his mind, effectively treating Europe like an 8 year old child. This may have something to do with why the most of the world hates the US.

5. He rejected an international accord to enforce the 1972 treaty banning germ warfare. Of course that would mean that the US would have to stop producing biological agents too.

6. And talk about the fox watching over the hen house, he nominated former mining company executive Dan Lauriski as Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health.

7. He allocated only 3% of the amount requested by Justice Department lawyers in the governments continued litigation against tobacco companies.

8. He prohibited any financial aid from going to international family planning organizations that provide abortion counseling, referrals, or services with their own funds.

9. He provided every member of the Bin Laden family living in the U.S. a chartered plane shortly after 9/11 to fly back home to Saudi Arabia without questioning them. One of GW’s first petroleum ventures was partnered with the Bin Laden family and George Sr. has been getting filthy rich selling defense contracts to the Bin Ladens. These are just some examples of the many ties the Bush family has with the Bin Ladens.

10. He officially withdrew from the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty, gutting the landmark agreement-the first time in the nuclear era that the US renounced a major arms control accord.

11. Refused to join 123 nations pledged to ban the use and production of anti-personnel bombs and mines, February 2001

12. September 2001: withdrew from International Conference on Racism, bringing together 163 countries in Durban, South Africa

13. Over the past 10 years, the US prison population has more than doubled. This is mainly due to unfair three strikes laws, and harsher drug penalties. OK so maybe W. wasn’t behind this one, but the Republicans are.

14. International Plan for Cleaner Energy: G-8 group of industrial nations (US, Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, UK), July 2001: the US was the only one to oppose it.

15. George replied, "Ken who?" when asked about his relationship with Kenneth Lay, the CEO of Enron, during the federal bankruptcy hearings. This was after Enron gave him their company jet to use for his presidential campaign.
George and Kenny were such good friends that Ken was actually seen giving wedgies to the president in the oval office. Yet he still replied, "Ken who?"


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